Here are descendants of my ancestors, who settled on Prince Edward Island.

** Charles Humphrey and Janet Bowman, from Mauchline, Ayrshire, Scotland to Lots 19 and 20
** William Mann Sr. from Edinburgh, Scotland and Sarah Knight Efford, from Newfoundland, to Irishtown/Burlington
** Humphrey Dyment Sr. and Mary Ashton, from Bradworthy and Hartland Devon, England to Prince County
** Thomas Beer, perhaps from Devon, England and Jane Robertson from Derry, Ireland, to Bannockburn, Lot 31 in the 1830s
**Alexander McDougald, born on the Island and Nancy McLean, from Scotland
**Alexander McArthur and Elizabeth Abbott, both born in New Brunswick and settled in Prince County
**Donald McLean and Sarah Ellis, Prince County
**William Johnstone and Mary Lytle, from Annan, Dumfries, Scotland to Long River, PEI
**Angus McFadyen, from Scotland to Bannockburn, Lot 31
**Denis Birch and Susannah Waters, from Vale of Avoca, Ireland to Port Hill, PEI
**James Ellis, from Devon, England and Jane Ramsay, Lot 13, Prince County
**Hugh McLean and Peggy McKendrick, Prince County
**John Smith and Sarah Vincent, Lot 49, PEI, New London and Lot 2; their daughter Mary Ann and her mystery husband, George James Watts from London, England

I've also sketched in some other families from PEI that married into these families; there are also unrelated families with the same names, just to help keep everyone straight. I can't claim direct kinship with everyone in this tree. CHECK THE NOTES BEFORE COPYING - I DON'T HAVE SOLID PROOF FOR THE OLDER FAMILIES.