Feavyour, Hezakiah

Birth Name Feavyour, Hezakiah
Gender male
Age at Death 57 years, 6 months, 27 days


According to the PEI Baptismal Index, Hezakiah was born in 1857 in New Wiltshire Lot 31 PEI, the son of John and Jane. From the 1881 census, we know that he was a Methodist, and that both of his parents were born in England.
He married Eliza Jane Ford on September 9 1886, in Charlottetown. In 1891, he was living in Lot 31 with Eliza Jane and their son, A. W. By 1901, their family had increased; in addition to Albert W. (12) there were John Wesley (9) and George S. (7). Eliza Jane had possibly inherited land from her father in Lot 24, and that is where the family was located.
In 1911, Hezekiah Favyour was living in Lot 48, a farmer, with wife Eliza Jane, and children Alfred W., John W., George Seafort, Louis H.; in addition there was Anna Lila, described as a ward, born December 1909.

According to a family tree of the Ford family on the Island Register, Hezakiah died in 1919.

PEI Marriages 1873-1888, image 459, Hezekaih Fayvour to Eliz Jane Ford in 1886.

Named in Administration of William Ford [born about 1809 - died between 12 Nov 1884 - 5 Dec 1884], on the Island Register: Transfer of Lands, most of which seemed to have been in Lot 24... Hezekiah Feavyour of North Wiltshire in said County and Island, Farmer and Eliza Jane Feavyour, (formerly Eliza Jane Ford), his wife.

from Hugh Armstrong's Genealogy site, An Index to Some PEI Cemeteries -- Letter F

These names are not in the PEI CMNI. Eliza Jane and Hezakiah, their son George, and their son Herman and his wife Nettie.

33 12 FEAVYOUR Eliza Jane 0200 A2
33 12 FEAVYOUR George C. 0200 A2
33 12 FEAVYOUR Hannah 0059 A1
33 12 FEAVYOUR Herman L. 1069 D.
33 12 FEAVYOUR Hezekiah 0200 A2
33 12 FEAVYOUR Nettie M. 1069 D.




Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth April 6, 1857 North Wiltshire, Lot 31, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada Hezekiah Fabyour, PEI Baptismal Index; 1856 in 1901 census  
Death November 3, 1914 Prince Edward Island, Canada from a genealogy of the Ford family on the Island Register & the guardian  
Marriage September 9, 1886 Charlottetown, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada witnesses were Joseph Ford & Caroline Smith  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Feavyour, John1809August 26, 1886
Mother Larter, Jane1809October 7, 1896
    Brother     Feavyour, William May 29, 1832 February 10, 1858
    Sister     Feavyour, Harriett October 6, 1836
    Sister     Feavyour, Hannah July 5, 1838 1929
    Sister     Feavyour, Mary Ann December 1, 1840 March 11, 1924
    Brother     Feavyour, George October 3, 1842
    Sister     Feavyour, Phoebe January 31, 1847 about 1916
    Sister     Feavyour, Sarah January 1850 1926
    Sister     Feavyour, Martha March 23, 1852 July 23, 1911
         Feavyour, Hezakiah April 6, 1857 November 3, 1914


Family of Feavyour, Hezakiah and Ford, Eliza Jane

Married Wife Ford, Eliza Jane ( * December 26, 1862 + March 18, 1926 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage September 9, 1886      
Name Birth Date Death Date
Feavyour, Lyla
Feavyour, Albert WilliamJune 23, 1888
Feavyour, John WesleyMay 17, 1892January 19, 1965
Feavyour, George CephasMarch 1, 1894November 28, 1918