I started working on these family trees over 30 years ago, beginning with information that I had on hand - notes from my mother on the Mann, Fyfe and Humphrey families; a genealogy of the family of James Dyment and Laura Belle McArthur compiled by my uncle, Dave Finlayson; information from the many local histories written by community groups on Prince Edward Island; and family trees from the Island Register... I hope I've given proper credit to all of these researchers.

I have tried to standardize all Mc/Mac names under Mc, to make them file together. The same goes for families like the Rayners/Raynors. The focus is on the families that came to North America, and my records aren't exhaustive, but are meant to help someone find the right branch of their family. The information is most accurate and complete for the main families, the Dyments, Humphreys, Johnstone, Manns, Beer, and McFadyen families.

The early Scottish families on the Island in this tree- the Ramsays, McArthurs and McDougalls - are good for the first two generations, and then there is a gap in the records available, and the family groups are again solid for the 4th generation onward. READ THE NOTES FIRST - I DON'T HAVE PROOF FOR SOME OF THESE FAMILIES!

There should be no living people. If I've slipped up, let me know! If I've made a mistake with one of your ancestors, tell me. I'm always finding small errors and updating my database.