McFadyen, Catherine

Birth Name McFadyen, Catherine
Gender female
Age at Death 64 years, 12 days


Catherine was a witness at Sarah McFadyen's first marriage in 1860, and was living with the family of Angus in the 1881 census. She was named in Angus' will as a daughter.

Catherine, daughter of the late Angus McFadyen, Bannockburn, died aged 70. She never married. She had been the housekeeper of Charles Newson for many years.

Catherine's estate papers listed her brothers and sisters:
Neil, Malpeque Road, Charlottetown Royalty
Ann, wife of David Simmons
Flora, widow of Charles Grant in Bangor, Maine
Predeceased by her brother Archibald and his wife, leaving 5 or 6 children including John of Bannockburn
Predeceased by her brother Charles, who had died about 15 years earlier leaving a widow Sarah and about 9 children, including Angus and Archibald in Riverdale.
Predeceased by brother Donald, who had died about 10 years earlier, leaving a widow Jane and one son.

Neil, the only surviving brother, was not in good health and declined to be the administrator of the estate, leaving that job to Charles Newson.





Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1841 Bannockburn, Lot 31, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Death January 13, 1905 Prince Edward Island, Canada    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McFadyen, Angus 1about 1800January 31, 1886
Mother McKinnon, Margaretbefore 1848
    Brother     McFadyen, Charles 1836 before 1891
    Brother     McFadyen, Neil June 28, 1839 January 23, 1921
    Sister     McFadyen, Child 1839 1847
         McFadyen, Catherine 1841 January 13, 1905
    Sister     McFadyen, Hannah Mary 1843 April 25, 1898
    Sister     McFadyen, Margaret May 1845 September 4, 1847
    Sister     McFadyen, Ann June 1847 September 8, 1847