Feavyour, John

Birth Name Feavyour, John
Gender male
Age at Death 77 years, 7 months, 25 days


I have just sketched in some information about this family. I believe that Mary Ann Favour, who married William Beer, was the Mary Ann born in 1840 to John and Jane Feavyour (spelled many ways, including as Favior, on the 1880 Meachams map of Lot 31).

The names of the children of John and Jane from New Wiltshire PEI from the PEI Baptismal Index were:
William (1832, Bedeque Road)
Harriet (1836, Bedeque Road)
Hannah (1838, Bedeque Road)
Mary Ann Feavour (1840, New Wiltshire)
George Fevyor (1842, New Wiltshire)
Phoebe Fevyor (1847, New Wiltshire)
Hezekiah Fabyour (1857, Wiltshire)

Sarah, born about 1850 and Martha, born 1852, were not in the PEI Baptismal Index.

In the 1848 census of Lot 31, John Favior had 4 daughters under 16, which fits with the four daughters in the Baptismal Index.

Mary, Pheobe, Sarah, William and George Favior were listed with the North Wiltshire contributors to the 1855 Patriotic Fund.

Witnesses on the marriage record for Hannah Feavyour to Nathaniel Mitchell were George and Mary Ann Feavyour (PEI Marriage Registers, July 12 1860).

Sarah Feavyour from PEI, who married Orton Simpson, said her parents were John and Jane. Sarah emigrated to the United States (New Bedford, Massachusetts) in 1869 according to the 1910 US census, and that is around the same time that Phoebe Feavyour also went to New Bedford.

From the e-book, History of New Bedford (Massachusetts): "John Bertram [from PEI] married May 26, 1869, Phebe Feavyour, also born on Prince Edward Island, Canada, daughter of John and Jane (Larter) Feavyour, her father a farmer." There was a Phoebe Fevyor, b. 31 January 1847, New Wiltshire PEI, daughter of John and Jane. I could only find one record in Mass marriages, which says that John Bertram married Phebe in May 1870, and that her parents were Samuel and Rebecca. There were no images available to check the accuracy of the transcription. On birth records for their children her name is again spelled many different ways.

In the 1881 census, John and Jane Feabyour (both age 71, b. England) were living in Lot 31 with their son Hezakiah. His birthplace is given as England, which seems unlikely.

FEAVYOUR: (Father) John FEAVYOUR, d. May 27, 1886, Ae 77. (Mother) His wife, Jane, d. Oct 7, 1896, Ae 87.
(North Wiltshire Cemetery transcription, found online; photo on Billion Graves entry)





Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1809 England, United Kingdom from census record  
Death August 26, 1886 North Wiltshire, Lot 31, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada from cemetery transcript  


Family of Feavyour, John and Larter, Jane

Married Wife Larter, Jane ( * 1809 + October 7, 1896 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1831 England, United Kingdom    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Feavyour, WilliamMay 29, 1832February 10, 1858
Feavyour, HarriettOctober 6, 1836
Feavyour, HannahJuly 5, 18381929
Feavyour, Mary AnnDecember 1, 1840March 11, 1924
Feavyour, GeorgeOctober 3, 1842
Feavyour, PhoebeJanuary 31, 1847about 1916
Feavyour, SarahJanuary 18501926
Feavyour, MarthaMarch 23, 1852July 23, 1911
Feavyour, HezakiahApril 6, 1857November 3, 1914